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Low-cost airlines: why so cheap?

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TTO - currently the world, especially in Europe there are many low cost airlines like Ryanair, Easyjet, Air Berlin, Clickair, InterSky, SkyEurope, Wizz, Vueling ... also in Asia as AirAsia, Tiger Airways, Jetstar ... But why they are less expensive to level as much as for the not so?Via find out how to work a variety of companies, we find the following main points:

• Service: On the very few aircraft in service. Usually only four in a flight attendant. Passengers must pay separately when buying food drink if you want to serve in-flight service. On the plane there is no free newspapers and magazines. Even to save money laundering, the aircraft do not use pillows and blankets.


• tickets: Passengers buying tickets online or call the Call-Center of the airline. Thereby not only reducing the number of employees, but also save the expenses for travel agents or ticket agent that intermediates other airlines pay when selling tickets through agents .


* Tickets: No ticket printing and sending tickets to customers. When booking customers will receive a code. Through which the airline will save on design costs of printing, paper and ink for postal costs.

• Airport: Most airlines typically hire cheap airport retail and fly to and from the airport there. Fees for takeoff, landing and other fees much cheaper than the main airport. The aircraft less than 30 minutes while parked at an airport that will fly to right with new passengers to a different location. This reduced fee is pretty much ground as the maximum usable capacity of the aircraft.

Besides the park a very short time in the airport also reduce the technical failures. Staff cleaning the aircraft is used only in its central airport (hub-airport).

• Aircraft: aircraft seats are often small and narrow, maximizing space in the cabin. Also most airlines use only a single type of aircraft, thus they only need one team repair and inspection of aircraft and thus also reduce a lot of expenses.

• administrator machine: Operating Systems ultra compact - in all other parts of the surface maximum saving manpower.

Things to consider when passengers travel cheap airlines

• Try to book online as soon as possible. Normally on the fly as close to a fare increase.

• Who wants to go on weekends or holidays such as Christmas, New Year ... then even this low cost airlines and higher prices. The best book on the day mid-week regular at the cheapest fare.

• Constantly on the airline's website to check their promotional and book fast because this type of ticket numbers are limited.

• When booking ticket price should be noted include taxes, airport fees, baggage fees or not. Many airline fare advertising only without the additional fee was mentioned.

• Absolutely must go to the airport early! To save costs the airline the right check-in just 30 minutes before the plane took off. Passenger only two minutes late will not be alone on the plane.

• If you fly much attention to flight time between two flights a little more, because the only airline flying from A to B, so passengers had to get after each leg of baggage and check-out reproduced for later stages.

• It should be noted on the conditions of this airline

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