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MICE tourism is a combination of conferences, seminars, exhibitions, events, travel companies reward employees and partners. MICE - Meeting stands (meetings), Incentive (reward), Convention (conferences, seminars) and Exhibition (exhibitions). Full name English as Meeting Incentive Conference Event. Therefore MICE delegations are often very large (several hundred guests) and special guest spending higher than the normal tour (by the organizers of international conferences are always placed in hotel rooms of 4-5 stars, high service, tour after conference designed specifically to the request ...). MICE tourism is a type brought huge revenues for the tourism industry in the country.

For Vietnam this form of tourism has been the company's exploitation in the tourism industry for many years, initially had positive results. Exploiting MICE market is one of the strategic objectives of tourism development in Vietnam.

Assessment of potential MICE, WTO experts said that Vietnam has great potential and development of MICE will be if rival Singapore's ominous (MICE center of attraction in Southeast Asia's largest current). Natural Landscape preferences, many cultural heritage, and natural wonders in the world, beautiful beaches, the system of hotels, resorts under development ...

But the WTO for Vietnam MICE Development Bureau should establish MICE (organization of MICE promotion), marketing strategies, improve customer service immediately MICE infrastructure: visas, airport, hotel system, in which the building to locate the fair center international exhibition is important: it must be near the airport, hotels, convenient transportation and transactions. Other solutions must be aimed at data analysis of market information, establish strategies to promote MICE information and build websites, develop e-commerce, open training human resources and foreign .


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