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Necessary Telephone Numbers

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Necessary Telephone Numbers


0Call automatically to inter-provincial
00Internationally automatic call
101Registration of domestic long-distance conversations
105Nationwide messaging services (English)
106FAQs information service message
107Nationwide Messaging services  (Vietnamese)
1080Information service to answer economic, cultural, social
Service to answer the telephone yellow pages
Services connect customers with advice on the following fields: Health, Nutrition, Prevention, Drug, Law, Communications, Construction, Tourism, Browse Real Estate, Education, Property intellectual, emotional psychology - Life Skills
110Registration of international long-distance conversations
114Call fire
115Medical assistance
116Answer  local telephone
118Self test tone
119Report phone fix
133/131Messaging services Hanoi ABC
141Messaging services of information systems Vinaphone
142Answer the call charges for International
143Support and answer the international call

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